I came to Maramures, Transylvania to document the culture of hay-making for my first @natgeo assignment, but I wanted to observe all aspects of life, special events, cultural traditions and rituals. I wanted to photograph an Orthodox funeral and my translator there told me half-jokingly: “Just come back in fall, everybody dies in fall.” And sure enough, while most weddings took place in summer, for some inexplicable reason, more people died in autumn. I attended several funerals in late October and found somber beauty in the observed rituals, which dated back centuries. During the funeral ceremony, relatives of the deceased followed his coffin, which was pushed on a bullock cart into a small courtyard, where the village priest commemorated all the other dead in the family by singing out their names. #maramures #romania #transylvania #dailylife #culture #rituals #beauty

  • Media Location: Maramureș County