Del taller con Carola Castillo ayer en Madrid. En agradecimiento total por una maravillosa experiencia de crecimiento y aprendizaje #repost @loncheraparaelalma • • • • • ¡Esto fue hoy y parece que fue sin espacio y sin tiempo!Fue un grupo hermoso. N

Para muchas cosa más pero estas podrían estar deberían de las principales. ¿Tú que opinas? Te leo ️️ . . . . Soy Marcia Guerrero Socióloga, Coach y me dedico a la canalización de Registros Akáshicos al mundo. . Te invito a seguirme . www.registros



A canadense Donna Strickland, de 59 anos, ganhou o Prêmio Nobel de Física em 2 de outubro de 2018, se tornando a terceira mulher a vencer na categoria. A vitória dela também é histórica em outro sentido: foram 55 anos desde a última vez que uma mulhe



Empiricgrams 1 . based on my lived Metagrams . chicken or the egg’ : my Aikido-Training is a sub-activity of my biocybernetic longterm project ‘SAC’ (since 2014): A software, that generates ‘2nd order dreams’ based on my experiences, and inspiring me



Impresionante composición artística de la Tierra y la Vía Láctea desde la Luna! ⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ Dato curioso: los ocho planetas nunca se alinearán perfectamente. Sus órbitas son demasiado diferentes entre sí: diferentes períodos, diferentes inclinaciones y dif

@emre_srll Space Shuttle Discovery approaching the ISS on STS 121. This mission tested new in orbit safety and repair techniques and delivered an ESA astronaut to the ISS. Also if you haven't checked it out yet, we have a ton of new designs up on

Microcosmo (do grego Mikrokosmos, mundo pequeno) corresponde a um de três fatos: ao homem, ao mundo pequeno ou ao pequeno mundo. Assim, considera-se que: O homem representa todo o Universo e nele está consciente. O mundo pequeno se refere ao mundo qu

‼️НАБОР В ГРУППУ‼️ @illegal_dance_odessa пр. Шевченка 1, ДК Политех ВТ, ЧТ на 17:00 Жду каждого ️ За видео огромное спасибо @sugarock_ и @san_s_ara. Эти ребята делают невероятное . . . . . #illegal #illegalfamily #illegaldancecentre #hiphop #danc

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I think cosmos are sooo much prettier on the plant vs. cut flowers, but as I was starting to put the garden to bed for fall I couldn’t help but cut a few for indoors. These are Double Click from @deepharvest , some from a pollinator seed mix, and the

"All is connected in the Great Picture. Although we identity and analyse the external world, the primary world begins within where all things connect. No separation can be experienced in the heart but only with the mind. There are ways nature expre

  • So speaking certain words, creating frequency, will cause what’s around it to match.. thus manifestation is a great tool

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I am so excited to announce my Neutron Star Song Cycle Series is part of the @madeinartslondon 2019 collection! The launch exhibition is currently being held at @tmlighting until November and is brimming with talent from across all of the UAL colleg

Read caption: Afterglow As day breaks the NIGHT sky in2 CATACLYSMIC splashes of Orange and purple the MAGNIFICENT imagery of LOE made passionately on a CELESTIAL plane where the COSMOS sings an enchanting lullaby serenading the sweetness of her so

. Fractal Scaling of the flower of life pattern gives an insight into the holofractographic structure of space and time...⠀ cosmos energy fractal floweroflife space time nassimharamein ⠀ Image by Charles L. Gilchrist"⠀ ⠀ ⠀ #consciousness #astronomy #

Eye Sky a Dragon What do you see when you look into this sky? In the center, in the dark, do you see a night sky filled with stars? Do you see a sunset to the left? Clouds all around? Do you see the central band of our Milky Way Galaxy running down

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نمایی زیبا از فضا پیمای ویرجین و عکس‌العمل احساسی عوامل سازنده آن @bigbang_13_8 . . با تگ کردن،دوستان خود را به کیهان دعوت کنید از بیگ بنگِ ‌۱۳ میلیارد و ۸۰۰ میلیون سال پیش تا حیاتِ تک سلولی و تکامل انسان با ما همراه باشید دریچه ای به سوی علم لینک

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Sagitario en positivo es generoso, optimista, alegre, muy sociable, con sentido de la Justicia, jovial y de amplitud mental. Al estudiar astrologia, estudias la relacion entre los seres humanos en el planeta tierra y el resto del universo. Provee un

You are SO freaking close. And in order to claim that juicy, thoughtfully curated reward, you must move ahead. While much of the past and that which you let go of can’t come with you, what remains is your faith. It’s your trust in the greater timi

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Reach for the stars. Give in to the wisdom of the universe. Sometimes feeling the need to control gets in the way of experiencing the joy of being in the moment. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #asana #yogagirl #yogapants #yogaposes #yoga

⠀ ⏱ Is Time Travel Possible? ⏱ ⠀ SPOILERS ALERT AVENGERS . ⠀ In Avengers: Endgame when Tony stark discussed time travel with team they explained different scientific jargon, one of them was. ⁣⠀ Morbius Strip. ⁣⠀ ⏱ The time-travel jargon discusses inv

  • Time was a concept created by humans. We can't go back into something we literally created for ourselves. Times an illusion

  • I could post an explanation. However that includes advanced math 90% of the people may not understand or care to understand. For those who are interested please Google Mobius strip - Wikipedia. I've contributed a few situations there.

The Running Man Nebula: NGC 1977 Starting off my birthday with one of my favorite nebula. Located just west of the Orion, It is often included as part of the larger complex. The beautiful blues, reds, and purples are accented by dark dusty regions



[LUAS DE JÚPITER] Júpiter, o gigante pela própria natureza, possui um grande número de satélites. Os quatro maiores – chamados “Galileanos” foram observados em 1610 por Galileu Galilei. Na história da astronomia, essa descoberta foi a confirmação de

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“Si un huevo se rompe por una fuerza externa, la vida termina. Si se rompe por una fuerza interna, la vida comienza. Las cosas buenas siempre comienzan desde el interior.” -Jim Kwik- Hice un viaje al interior de mi corazón, a oscuridad de mi mente pa

Congratulations #astrophoto #1 Як вам такий формат постів? Цікава ваша думка↩ . . . Diafragma : f/2.2 Focus : 3840/1000 Aperture : 227/100 Date : 08.10.2019, 23:16 ISO : 3200 ⏳ Shutter Speed : 32/1 (32 sec) . . . #photoby @ju7t_d0_1t . . . #astr



Daha önceki bilimsel keşiflerin ve içgörülerin, geniş ve karanlık bir arenada yalnız bir sokak lambasının gördüğü görünürlük olarak temsil edildiğini hayal edin. Modern bilimi zaten bildiklerimizi kullanarak yürütürüz - yani, bu metaforda neredeyse h

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#ワンスアポンアタイムインハリウッド に引き続き只管ブラピがカッコいい映画でした 新聞の映画評欄に「モノローグで眠くなる」などという不見識な批評が出ていたようですが 見当違いな期待を持たなければ普通に楽しめる良作です #adastra #bradpitt #tommyleejones #jamesgray #アドアストラ #ブラッドピッド #ブラピ #トミーリージョーンズ #cosmos #carlsagan #カールセーガン