🇮🇳 India & 🇨🇳 China were the largest economies in the world at the start of the 18th century. According to economic historian Angus Maddison, these two regions then provided almost half of the world's GDP. India's share of world income has been est

Breaking :: What a crushing strong power play game by PV Sindhu. She wins World Championship title and annihilates World No. 4 Nozomi Okuhara 21-7, 21-7 in Final in just 36 mins. Its 1st time ever that an Indian shuttler has won World Championship

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Today I met this extraordinary person Sardar Paramjeet Singh (New Delhi) . I was about to call an Uber but took an Auto instead, since it was just a 3-4 km ride. I had hesitatingly asked him - Chaloge? He beamed and said Why not sir! That’s why I am

The Cave and the Temple in #lakhamandal are highly mysterious, this natural cave and the temple that has a truly fascinating mystery and history. The stone inscriptions near the temple dating back to the 6th century states that the temple was built

  • It's in dehradun ☺️

  • @indianhistorylive The Temple is located in Uttrakhand region of Gharwal.

This early 20th Century Picture of Gurdwara Quatalgarh Sahib (ChamkaurSahib) Ropar,Punjab Where 2 Elder Sahibzadas(Sons) of Guru Gobind Singh ji Baba Ajit Singh, Baba Jujhar Singh attained Martyrdom in 1705 #battleofchamkaur with Mughals #indianhist


  • The place they used to fight from was a garhi owned by Hindu Rajpoots of the Ghorewaha Al and Kachhwaha tribe, jagirdars of 65 villages surrounding Chamkaur.



2008: Swami Lakshmananda, who laid down his life to fight conversion. 2008, Janmashtami fell on 23rd August, He was killed in most brutal way possible- his body had 41 stabs and other injury marks. Along with him, 4 other sadhus were similarly killed

Travel Saga : Agra Darshan...!! . . As our trip to Agra was unplanned so was the weather there. It was raining throughout the day.. Though it was a bit difficult to roam around the city in the rain, however, the beauty of these monuments were even mo



The mighty Mauryan Empire wanted to capture state of Kalinga, as Kalinga was an import port for sea trade. The flourishing economy of Kalinga was always admired. On resistance by Kalingan a huge war was fought called the Kalinga war. The then Maurya

CNES , Space Agency of France Contributed Great Deal In India's Space Programme , From Establishing Thumba Equatorial Rocket Launching Station In 1960s to Cooperation In Launching India's First Communication Apple Satellite In 1981 #indiafrance #cn

1888 :: Construction of Nadrai Aqueduct ( Jaal Ka Pul / Fish Net Bridge ) In Kasganj , Uttar Pradesh British Engineer William Good Designed and Supervised Construction of Nadrai Aqueduct ( Photo - britishlibrary ) #kasganj #uttarpradesh #indianhisto

  • This bridge is one of the classic example of finest british engineering.Stands solid even after 131 years of it construction.

  • @vikasravitp to carry water

8th Century A.D :: Ibn al-Muqaffa Translated Panchtantra In Arabic as Kalila-wa Dimna. Arabian Nights Has Roots in Panchtantra #indianhistorylive #india #delhi #mumbai #kolkata #chennai #bhopal #ranchi #varanasi #kashi #jaipur #patna #noida #bollywo

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  • ye kahnni mewar riyast me likhi gyi thi...

With all the tools and cutting edge technologies like 3D Print and what not, todays generation (both west n east) are not able to produce even 1% of such marvelous art. Imagine what kind of intelligence and sharpness our ancesters had to create such

  • @rumonhazarika I understand your concern that India has some flaws, but that doesn't mean we should question everything for that matter. okay let me tell you this thing when you board an airplane, when it takesoff there is always a risk, might it be high turbulence, structural failure or engine fuel line blockage. If we trust the man made thing so much, why not have that fundamental quality of faith. Also talking about University students , the JNU incident, people were literally praising a terrorist and saying bharat tere tukde honge, If were to be at the any authority in that matter, I would jail them also send them to mental asylum. But the irony is they are contesting elections now, what gives them that right to say those things freedom of speech and freedom of expression. But if that is against the nation then government forces are allowed to take action according to same constitution which give them that right. "Koi bhi desh behtar nahi hota , use behtar banana padta hai'. And by just commenting out things , raising slogans against government ( be it NDA OR UPA) things won't happen , i am sorry.

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Ruins of Sharda Peeth In Neelam Valley , Kashmir. Chinese Buddhist Monk, Xuanzang Visited This Important Seat of Learning In 7th Century A.D #jammu #indianhistorylive #india #delhi #mumbai #temple #kolkata #chennai #leh #ladakh #indiahistory #histor

  • Now militants use it as a halt towards kishanganga valley times change

  • This is one of the great heritage of India and it was one of the great learning center of Kashmir. India must re-establish this University

1980s :: PM Rajiv Gandhi Working On Computer . Rajiv Gandhi Also Established C-Dot Which Led to Telecom Revolution In Rural India #indianhistorylive #india #delhi #mumbai #kolkata #chennai #rajivgandhi #indiahistory #historyofindia #cdot

  • @rumonhazarika what you mean by hardly enyone knows it........Go and ask your parents or grandparents about it........If they were read newspapers regularly.

  • @_.anubhav_chauhan._ jiski jaat ni wa Chouhan ....jinnu kaam ni wa pardhan

1974 :: Arun Jaitley During College Days #getwellsoon #indianhistorylive #india #delhi #mumbai #kolkata #chennai #indiahistory #indianpolitics #historyofindia #aimms #bjp

  • Red circle karke dikhaiye na. Kaun wala hai?

  • देश की ईकोनॉमी की गांड मारने के लिये तैयारी करते हुये अरुण मेथीली की राष्ट्र वादी सोच - एक बार सत्ता मे आओन्गा गांड फ्हाड़ जीएसटी लगाओंगा बॉर्डर पे जवान शहीद होगा और देश के अंदर आम आदमी और फिर मरने के बाद अपने पुतले लगवाओन्गा !!!!!!!! मंदी, भुखमरी , बेरोजगारी , दंगे , खून खराबा दूर नही।

1950s :: Fortified Wall (Revetment ) Made of Baked Bricks , Constructed In 2nd Century B.C For Defence of Ancient City of Kaushambi . Kaushambi Was Capital of Vatsa Janpada and Was an Important Centre During Mahatma Buddha's Period . #indianhistoryl

1960s :: Tulsi Chaura In Ayodhya , Here Tulsidas Ji Composed Ramcharitmanas तुलसी चौरा, अयोध्या I यहाँ तुलसीदास जी ने रामचरितमानस की रचना की थी I #indianhistorylive #india #delhi #mumbai #kolkata #chennai #indiahistory #historyofindia #tulsidas #ayo

  • @shwetas_11 It's funny to see you wander, trying to hit atleast one fact, but as usual, failing. I answered all the people, and let me know where I am wrong. Yes, I propogate love, but I find it funny that people worship character's from a book, and that can be any religion. Sanatan Dharm has good ideas but I bet how many follow it. You think God gives brains? You're the most retard person I have ever come across lmao! We're all gifted with the same intellect, we develop it ourselves through rigorous work and research and sadly, you rely on hate and WhatsApp University for notes, so your brain hasn't developed much. Anyways, become like Sita, and make this life worthy! May Christ bless you.

  • @alwinsabu stop giving lectures to other's.....And except every religion 🙏🙏🙏

1890 :: Iron Pillar of Chandragupta Vikramaditya at Qutb Complex , Mehrauli , Delhi . The Pillar Is Made Up of Rust Resistant Iron . As Per Sir Alexander Cunningham The Iron Pillar Was Brought to Delhi by Tomar Dynasty King Anangpal Between 9th Cen



1966 :: PM Indira Gandhi Handing Over Cheque of Rs 5000 /- to Bhagat Singh's Mother Mata Vidyawati. The Cheque Was From Producer of Movie 'Shaeed' Based On Life of Shaeed Bhagat Singh #indianhistorylive #india #delhi #mumbai #kolkata #chennai #jaihi

  • @_i_m_vivek lol iron lady kuch b matlab kuch b Indira was a big disgrace to this country don't forget the time of emergency

  • @himanshu_animal_love जवाहर लाल नेहरू बचपन से crorrpati था... Phir bhi आजादी के लिए 13 साल जैल me rha... अंग्रेजो की लाठियां खाई...... माफ़ी मांगकर वीर नहीं हो gya

Nuclear Scientist Raja Ramanna . Born In 1925 In #tiptur , #karnataka , Dr. Ramanna Supervised P#okhran Nuclear Tests of 1974 After Operation Smiling Buddha of Nuclear Tests Was Over , Dr. Ramanna Called PM Indira Gandhi and Told Her That " The Budd

  • 🇮🇳 Jai Hind 🇮🇳



जल महल एक महल है जो चारों ओर से जल से घिरा हुआ है। इसका निर्माण शाह कुली खान ने सन 1591 में किया जो नारनौल का शासक था और अकबर के राजदरबार में एक अधिकारी था @birbal_ki_nagri @birbal_ki_nagri #birbal_ki_nagri #narnaul #narnaul_city #india #historym

1950s :: Jawaharlal Nehru With Israeli Diplomat Michael Michael. In 1962 During India -China War, Jawaharlal Nehru Asked Then Israeli PM Ben Gurion to Supply Arms to India In Ships Without Them Bearing Israeli Flag In 1971 Indira Gandhi Asked Isra

  • Iron Lady.

  • Ho.. really Israel is great because that time 1971 to asking to the small country for war by world 3 or 4 largest army nation(India). Great Israel great......

• टूट सकते हैं मगर हम झुक नहीं सकते सत्य का संघर्ष सत्ता से न्याय लड़ता निरंकुशता से अंधेरे ने दी चुनौती है किरण अंतिम अस्त होती है दीप निष्ठा का लिये निष्कंप वज्र टूटे या उठे भूकंप यह बराबर का नहीं है युद्ध हम निहत्थे, शत्रु है सन्नद्ध हर तरह के शस्