This fun, floral burst piece is off to Indiana today! Largest commission yet!

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Daily Obama reminds us that former Presidents were physically, mentally and emotionally fit for the office of POTUS. And, having Albert Pujols catching for you didn't sick either. Credit to from @obamafoundation - August 13th (@get_regrann ) - South

Как и обещала, вот он к прошедшему празднику пост: «Этот день (13.08) праздную почти как своё др, так как с этой особенностью я с рождения! Итак, 1. мы составляем 10-12% от всего населения нашей планеты! 2. В разные времена леворукость рассматрива



Awesome challenge with an Awesome winner. Maddy won it for the Ladies with 25 left handed medicine ball high throws!! For that fabulous effort maddy has won a 1/2hr Personal Training session! What a champion!! . . . 🤸‍️ 🤸‍️ 🤸‍️ 🤸‍️ 🤸‍️ 🤸‍️ 🤸‍

The staff and people we support from our Merseyside Services, celebrated Left Handers Day on Tuesday 13th August. With the help of our staff, the people we support created these wonderful posters and talked about some famous left handed people in Hi

The process video for my strange little alien-looking hand from Left Hander’s Day. The proportions are...shall we say, very off?... but I do believe this is my first human anatomy anything I’ve ever attempted, so. I’ll be patient with myself • • : @

  • Keep it up!!! We all could use a little more patience for ourselves, the important thing is you tried and keep creating ! 🙌🙌

  • @sowingground I completely agree! And thank you 😊

When fall is coming, but bright florals are your jam.

  • OMG😍😍😍

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世界上大约90%的人都是右撇子,所以你会发现身边的东西,大多都是设计给右撇子的使用者。但如果你是个左撇子,你就会意识到许多小东西都在「歧视」左撇子,左撇子的你用起来费劲或是非常难上手,心里便会在想这些东西怎么那么不公平,就只设计给右撇子。(这是在歧视左撇子吗) . . #lefthanded #lefthandersday #lefthandedproblems

Happy Left Handers Day to all my fellow lefties! I'm proud to be left handed and personally have never found it to be much of a hindrance. In fact, being a Cuddy Wifter as we say in the North East, makes me a bit more unique. Yes, certain things are

Have you ever tried to write with your non-dominant hand? I remember trying that when I was younger all the time, and having mini competitions with friends! So for my latest video, I spent the whole day using my opposite hand (link is in the Bio).

  • My handwriting is illegible when I write with my left hand 😂

  • @talissa.j 😂😂



‌ امروز روز جهانی عکاسیه اگه یه دوربین عکاسی داشتی و فقط باهاش میتونستی یک فریم عکس بگیری از چی عکس میگرفتی؟🧐 ‌ ‌ ----------------------------- ‌ ‌ #pemina #worldphotographyday #lefthandersday #پیتزاپمینا #پمينا_كاله #عکاسی #روز_جهانی_عکاسی

  • @kalleh.pemina سلام در مورد قرعه کشی بزرگ پیتزا پمینا تو کدوم پست توضیح دادید؟

  • @shahrzadmortezaeyan به زودي توضيح داده ميشه دوست عزيز🙏🌸

Winners! Winners! Winners! Congratulations to Steven Spiller who won both categories for the males! Steven did 126 high left handed medicine ball throws, and 60 single left legged squats! And big congratulations to Maddy Evans who completed 25 medici

I swear there’s a day for everything these days. I missed #lefthandersday (and my leftorium discount) and French fry appreciation day, but I won’t miss a tribute to myself and all aspects of me on #butchappreciationday ! No lengthy stuff here but sim

  • @alejaibra and to think a teacher tried to make me a righty but it wasn’t meant to be! We’re one of a kind!🙌🏿

  • I'm mostly left handed too but you probably remember that from high school. #lefthandersunite



Happy Belated Left Handers Day! I know I’m 4 days late...but I’m old lol! This is a self portrait, the resemblance is uncanny don’t you think?How many crazy left handed folks like Granny do we got out there? Oh hell, who many crazy muther

  • @spelsyngrr haha not really ...we can skip that 😜

  • @granny4barrel Thank you. 🔥👏🙌.

Forgot to post about my favorite leftie on #lefthandersday . She’s also one of my besties who has had my back since Sophomore year in high school when we started becoming besties. Not only is she smart and beautiful, but she’s also one of the sweetest

MERDEKA ! . definisi merdeka menurut saya adalah bebas melakukan hal yg saya suka tanpa ada prasangka negatif dari makhluk lain, bebas memilih tangan mana yg akan melakukan kegiatan saya serta bebas melakukan pergerakan sesuai kebutuhan dan tentu nya

  • Tangan kanan maupun kiri itu baik. Yg gg baik kalo pakek kaki😌

  • @rahmaelma97 betull 👏

Dirgahayu Republik Indonesia 🇮🇩 . . . Mager bat dh aku Sekalian, met Hari Kidal Internasional (13 Agustus) . . . Yeay ada perayaannya juga buat orang kidal, gpp lah telat yg penting HUT RI ga lupa yak . . . Lagi mager ngetag ato apalah itu, pokoknya

There are a half of my family is left-handers and still wondering why the world makes us different... Right now, I need a left-handed shooter

  • nhìn có yêu liền ko?! 😏

  • yayyy cheers for the left-handedd 😍😍