So on my way to Eric’s we stopped at Costco for gas. My dad was following me in my 92 Integra and while I was taking this picture a man came up to my dad and asked him what year the car was....he was talking about the integra and my dad told him he’d

  • I have a couple my self. DA’s are my fav ever!

  • If it’s going to be a early 90s integra it has to be a Db2 other wise it’s just another DA. Unless it’s a RS model



I need more friends like @avocado_ty . Thanks for the shot man...wish I would’ve enlisted you to take more pics/video. I can just hear the sweet sound of fujitsobo blaring through the picture ️@eatwithnaveed I NEED rollers!!!!! Lol #s30ldy #series1

  • Aww thanks bud! I had a great time at the show the other day! Thank you again for the heads up and cruise together

  • I was too starstuck by @mrfive1oh and @avocado_ty going down the freeway and forgot take pictures. Next time for sure!



Still no glass but it’s not stopping me . Ended up making it to the @technotoytuning show late yesterday but still put 200+ miles on the Z that day. My 4 year old son was my copilot and had a blast. Drove with him to church today #s30ldy #series1 #s

  • @i.n3to unfortunately no. I was on 80 east and west but no I-5

  • @theryanbotting surprisingly absolutely no fumes lol

Out and about............ 0.3 miles lol!! Needs to go back up in the air just one more time. Front right tire needs just a bit more clearance ️. Looks great though . New driveshaft installed and new front tie rods from @technotoytuning . I thought th



Only problem with my LONELY Driver starter pack is that there are TWO S30 cupholders . Thanks man!! 510 owners don’t forget to get your order in for the 510 version cupholder!!! DM #s30ldy #series1 #s30 #nissan #fairladyz #rhd

  • @s2kperez the 510 will be machined finished! The S30Z ones had option for unfinished, black powder coat, and datsun 112

  • @robertlewismacleod the 240Z ones are sold out!

Swipe for sound!!! So my best friend Sean killed it with the exhaust. Same great fujitsobo sound, way more noise and most importantly tucked way up with no more dragging on the ground just have to fix the throttle linkage, get an alignment, massage

Another 2000+ follower photo. Fun fact both of these cars are runnning L20 2000cc blocks! The #p510tribute has a 4 cylinder L20B that is likely pushing 2.2L. The #fairladyz has its stock L20A 6 cylinder. Both are running sidedraft #mikunis rebuilt an makes dreams come true. I have been trying to get a set of #gotti since I saw the re-release in 2015. As some of you know I sold every vehicle I owned to import a #hakosuka in 2015. Around that time I was working with the dea

  • @kunoichi_240z yes rolled

  • That sits so mean, low and wide, looks like they barely tuck under the arches

So I put my z back on the ground today.....literally . I actually was stuck in the garage on flat ground. I managed to lift it up and raise the rear an inch. So right now my lowest point is the fujitsobo resonator at about 0.5”. That will need to go

Engine bay is nearly complete. Up in the air on the oil cap - may put the original elephant back on. Finished wire brushing, rust converting, and painting the battery tray . Yes @kadmodels it would’ve been easier without the header and carbs lol. I s



So after having the new trim pieces for months I finally got enough courage to restore my original 50 year old FairladyZ taillight lenses. HUGE thanks to Pavel for polishing them for me....and his cafe racer build is awesome!! #husqvarna #husqvarna70

  • Hot water wash?

  • @mr_infek hot water to separate the lens from the backing (soften the 50 yr old caulking). Lenses were polished with compound once apart

Flash back to a year ago today. I had the opportunity to cruise with AND @eatwithnaveed on his birthday! I am happy to call him friend. Shortly after this drive he went all in and got a FairladyZ of his own. Happy Birthday Bro!!!! #s30ldy #series1 #

Put in work on the car today. Getting there . Still adjustments need to be done and then brakes need to be blasted and painted then I can start to put them back on. It should ride SO much better. Can’t wait!! #buildsomethingawesome #technotoytuning #

  • which front lip is that? how low does it drop from the middle lower valance?

  • Gotta love t3 parts.

I was designated leader (Rudolph) on our Christmas Eve fun run this morning up to Lake Berryessa. Was wet and a little sketchy but had a BLAST!!! Swipe right to see my view near the end.... took a bunch of GoPro footage but didn’t manage to take too

Drove the #fairladyz up to Vacaville cars and Coffee this morning. Not sure why but I’ve been looking at a lot of fairlady front ends and the grills have looked absolutely terrible and it never lined up with the hood and was curious if mine looked th

  • @fairladycc80z BRE.

  • @mrfive1oh just saw your other post thank you! 🙏 ive got a 280z im wondering if i swap all of the lower valances from a 240z and a BRE lip like that would cover the lower radiator support of the 280z. thanks i wanted to know how tall is the whole BRE lip or is it more horizontal rather than a lil bit vertical. thanks



Drove the #fairladyz for the fourth day this week! Finally added a touch of American flavor in the way of a BRE spook air dam that I’ve had forever...I think the car looks SO much better now. Now to ditch the front plate or not 🤔 #s30ldy #rhdd #righ

Now my car has TWO good sides!! not sure why I hadn’t done this sooner but finally picked up a couple cans of 905 red from a paint shop and painted the patch that @datbro76 fixed. Not perfect but looks AMAZING now and the color is almost a perfect m

Had an opportunity to get lunch with my wife and son. I always laugh when I eat at this establishment If you’ve seen one of the greatest truth movies of all time you’d understand #idiocracy #fuddruckers #rhdd #righthanddailydriven #s30ldy #s30 #ser

  • Nahhh my frame lower boiiiiiiiii 😂

  • Buttruckers!! My team at work loves Fuddruckers so much we have a sign in our office that displays the last date we went to the Fudd. 😜