VVouldst thou like a custom pedal? • Dost thou see the board before thee? • Remove thy pick - • VVouldst thou like a pretty effect? • VVouldst thou like to play.. deliciously ? • Ahh, yes. Black Philip. There is a story in this, fraught with psychol



Been a while since we posted /time to catch up- Been a busy summer ! We have here a twofer for you, our friend Tyler - contacted us, and said he loved our SPLAT pedal and so we gladly shipped it to him, but the postal service somehow lost it or said



When our buddy Chris, approached us, wanting a Verb into Vibrato- and wanted something with an abstract theme - my heart was racing with excitement - and then finding out he was a fellow lover of Francis Bacon, I jumped at the opportunity to create s

The dingy rectangular metal casing dangled from the dank cement of the laboratory ceiling, casting flickering fluorescent shadows against the cold walls.. Nigel & Nigel, in their white and red splattered smocks, peered intently through their breath f

  • Absolutely killer pedal and loving everything about it! Thanks so much for your guys' work and artistic creativity!

  • @charlie12765 thank you Charlie! We loved this build :) ! I’m a huge rat fan.. they sound huge. I hope to do some more collage series in the future. Cheers bro!



Super cool pedal from @popprockshop. Definitely on the same page as something we're about to drop in just a few minutes. #repost @popprockshop • • • • • • *Swipe for more pics!* The Popp Rock Shop Silicon Fuzz “Serpicon” is finished and I’m building

  • That’s for the repost @smallbearelectronics couldn’t have done it without you!!! 🤘🤘

Nigel and I call this the Space Cowboy- or did we it call it Maurice ? - I digress- call it what you will. I call it another symbol of the pompatus of love and passion here at N&N. • Our friend @dillonsalk - wanted an auto wah with the circuit topog

Nigel and I squeeged our ajnas cleansing our chakra chalkboards of any powdery residue, left from all the static and weight - the hubbub of living life in the city brings. We chose to, instead feed our filters with everything pure and true.. to find

  • 🌈This is insane color work guys!🌈

  • @thedazedart thanks ! This one was a lot of fun.

Nigel and I were sitting outside the shop a few weeks ago.. watching the paint on the walls of our mind dry... The day was warm, yet overcast... The clouds had turned into emerald cotton balls, Like Jimi’s purple haze, except a beautiful green..and t

@peperspedals HM-Too Many Clones. One of the first pedals I ever built and crapped out eventually due to a frayed wire somewhere (I didn’t know about wicking up solder onto wires for prep). Decided to tear it apart, make a new enclosure, and rewire i

  • It’s been 5 years. I should also go through my box of fail. Great etch. 👍🏼🎸

• • Look out of any window- any morning, any evening, any day. Maybe the sun is shining- Birds are winging, no rain is falling from a heavy sky. • What do you want N&N to do, To do for you to see you through? It's all a dream we dreamed one after

  • Thanks for the awesome pedal! Don’t see it leaving my board any time soon

  • @andrewkrist our pleasure good sir! We had a great time on this one. Thanks again 🤘

Shabalabbadoobydong- Nigel and I have been in the lab toiling ceaselessly, filling a boiling cauldron with more than just the sweat from our brows. All apologies- as we haven’t had a chance to post in a while. I’ll try to get caught up this next week

Nigel & Nigel were out adventuring in the forest, on a bright, sparkling day.. and they came across a massive tree with strange bark, carved into its oily prism skin, a multicolored ladder extended into the heavens. • Curiously & cautiously they asce

• • One Fuzz Fun art Let’s build some pedals, And feel alright Woah woah woah woah • • No ? hmm 🤔 • How bout - one fuzz to rule them all and in the darkness bind them? 🤣 • Ok so- A very cool dude named Scott approached us about building a 2 in

• • It’s 2249, after a military grade quarantine in Delta Lab 7 is breached, and the biological experiment inside goes horribly wrong, cyberdinos escape and reek havoc, claiming back the rock that’s rightfully theirs! After many futile years, enslav

  • So happy with how this turned out, thanks again guys!

  • @arigney_ this one was too much fun! we are stoked you dig it ! 🍻 cheers brother

• • It’s raining, it’s pouring, your pedal board is snoring, it has said, it feels dead, without a N&N custom handmade one of kind pedal by tomorrow morning. • • Here it is, our latest creation- from the rain drenched streets of Seattle, this PNW i



We’ve had a nice steady stream of projects in the last month- excited to show you all our new builds ! Stay tuned ! Shout out to all pedal builders and to our clients, vendors & sponsors - we love your products and couldn’t do what we do without yo

• • It’s close to midnight here at N&N and something evil's lurkin'in the dark..under the LED light..You see a sight that almost stops your heart..You try to scream..But terror takes the sound before you make it..You start to freeze As horror looks y

• • A long time ago.. In a work shop far far away- Nigel and Nigel were under pressure from the Federation to tame the volume of unwanted noise from old vintage effects pedals in a chain without using- noise suppression. Ever the rebellious sort -

After receiving a request to craft a special sonic sound shaper for the mad genius & master glitch switch pedal painter @longdevil_ over at the Hive Colony Rehearsal Studios - Nigel knew exactly what needed to be done.. Ever the intrepid traveler of

  • @nigelandnigel It arrived! Right out the gates I'm truly impressed. Not only is it even prettier in person but it sounds incredible. I look forward to A/Bing this with my Hex Micro T to mirror my usual settings. Thanks a lot for this build!

  • @longdevil_ thanks for the feedback Eric, we are pleased you are happy with it man. We look forward to hearing what you make with it! Cheers !

• An elephant never forgets A rat is not a mouse Nor is a kitchenette Ever a rodent’s house - So lazy is the cat Still the fire must be doused So splat- goes the rat, And clean is the house ! • • From a gnarly and shapable snarly, fangle toothe

Finally received that shipment of knobs many of you were waiting on as well as some new colors for the push-on silver center, knurled shafts SKU: 0811A, and push-on 1510 Pointer clones for a knurled shaft, SKU: 0816-1. Next season we can expect some

I gave these @stompunderfoot @arceffects and @tymguitars muffies a little facelift courtesy of @smallbearelectronics #knobjob #smallbearelectronics #stompunderfoot #arceffects #tymeffects #bigmuff #muffstuff #buffmuff #ruffmuff #thepowerofchristcompe

  • @dagpedals probably the ARC Big Green because of the option to flatten, boost, or not change the mids available with internal dipswitches. The Tym Big Mud also has a push/pull tone pot that flattens out the mids a bit, but it's not as pronounced as the ARC. The SUF is no slouch though, it sounds great and classic.

  • @xewpx thanks! , I have owned only ehx originals or built by me, the green is my all time fav followed by the black. The ARC looks also great. 🤘



So this thing rips! After having the board sitting on my desk for the better part of the year, I went ahead and grabbed a kit from @smallbearelectronics and put this together with a few mods for diode clipping options and for more bass at the input.

  • @godcitymusic I wish. The straight op amp distortion sounds awesome but I didn’t have the right switch. I’ve placed an order for parts including the correct switch and I’ll retrofit it in another time to do the three options.

  • Kick a$$ !! ~AB 😈

This Just In!!! New parts have just arrived. Our much anticipated Delta Dial knobs are finally here in two sizes, SKU: 0845A and 0845B, as well as mini 1P8T rotary switches, used in several FV-1 designs, SKU: 0228D2. More to come! #smallbearelectron

Silicon Fuzz Face. Now with properly matched transistors. It starts with the volume rolled off a bit and chords sound very clear. Half way thru I turn up the guitar volume and the fuzz erupts! #smallbearelectronics

FINALLY !! short bushing SPST MOMENTARY SWITCHES now available !!! SKU # 0206B Same body shape and dimensions as our popular "Soft Touch" SPST momentary switch but with a much shorter, 3/8" (9.64 mm) bushing. Comes with two nuts and a split lockwa

excuse the sound quality but the wizard sleeve is finally almost finished, everything is working and sounding great except for the boost circuit which im still trying to figure out. after a few failed projects this one is finally starting to get wher