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struggling with anorexia & depression I’M FREE from inpatient tw ♥️

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this cake is a hell of a lot better than shitty ng feeds. i’m so grateful that i have been able to start eating again. food is amazing. who would choose a feed over some peng red velvet cake?

update from my appointment so i haven’t seen my consultant in over a year so it was weird. but he weighed me and said he isn’t willing to discharge me from the eating disorder service. i’ve stopped taking olanzapine but he still wants me to be on an

today i went to my best friends house! i haven’t gone to a friends house in over two years so today was a big deal for me. despite wanting to stay in bed and hide from the world, i got up and went. so glad i did because i had the best time! small win



update olanzapine is making me really really tired so i’m hoping to come off of it soon. still have daily outreach support which is draining but i’m grateful. mood is down the drain and food is getting worse. i’m constantly exhausted even though i’m

so i’ve been home from hospital for a few days now, it’s weird but so good. i have the outreach team coming to see me everyday and they check up on my eating and self harm etc. i’m starting a dbt group soon too which i hope helps. food is a bit diffi

if today you are questioning your life, here is your sign. your sign to stay alive. i know you’re probably wondering why on earth you should listen to a random stranger off the internet but listen to me when i say it gets better. a few months ago i w

and just like that ... DISCHARGED 2/11/18-4/9/19 i can’t stop crying, i can’t believe how far i’ve come! this has been the hardest journey of my life. after nearly a year i can finally say I’M FREE!!! thank you to everyone at little woodhouse hall fo



my eating disorder story - tw so when i was little i had an irrational fear of people thinking i was greedy. i don’t know where this fear came from but it caused me to eat very little at birthday parties, school and so on. i’ve always loved food so

handing in the very last pieces. was terrifying but i don’t want this life anymore. i want to experience the buzz of life not the buzz of self harm

tw/// back in october last year i was dying. my hair was thin and my eyes were sad. i spent hours with food in front of me but i just could not eat it. my parents were terrified, i was disappearing right in front of them. and they couldn’t do anythin

inpatient. a world which is romanticised on social media. a world which is made out to be some fun summer camp where privileged white girls unite to make friendship bracelets and blankets. when it’s just not. it is hearing the nurse alarm and wonderi



today i went back to the bridge. it wasn’t easy, i was faced with so many emotions. sadness, guilt, confusion... but i crocheted hearts and put them up with little messages, with the intention of hopefully helping others who find themselves in the sa

each and every day i find myself saying “just one more day of purging, restricting, obeying anorexia’s rules. just one more day” but this conversation with myself happens every day and i’m tired of it. it’s bullshit. i know full well that i could car