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Video by Babak Tafreshi @babaktafreshi | The full moon rising is always incredible to me, especially over the ocean. Here I photographed a time-lapse sequence showing intense atmospheric refraction on the horizon that deforms the moon above the North

Photo by Nora Lorek @noralorek | Three years ago the area containing the Bidibidi refugee settlement was a forest in northwestern Uganda. Now it’s a makeshift home for a quarter million refugees who fled the civil war in South Sudan. Most of Bidibidi

Video by Bertie Gregory @bertiegregory | A polar bear watches us on the west coast of the Hudson Bay, Canada. This male was in no rush. He was waiting near the water’s edge in anticipation of the big freeze—an annual event when the ocean turns into a

Photo by Katie Orlinsky @katieorlinsky | The Alatna River Valley in Gates of the Arctic National Park, Alaska, shot for “The Carbon Threat,” in this month’s @natgeo (link in my bio). I took this image from a floatplane as I began my journey home afte



Photo by Gabriele Galimberti @gabrielegalimbertiphoto | Gullfoss, Iceland: A long line of tourists in front of one of the biggest waterfalls in Iceland. Gullfoss is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the country, and considered by many to

Photo by Maddie McGarvey @maddiemcgarvey | Driving around western Oklahoma, I came across these cowboys working on their ranch at sunset. I slammed on the brakes and asked if I could photograph them. They were nice enough to let me. Sometimes the bes

Photo by Simon Norfolk @simonnorfolkstudio I The BBC World Service Atlantic Relay Station at English Bay, Ascension Island. Ascension Island is an isolated volcanic island in the middle of the south Atlantic Ocean, located 1,400 miles (2,250 km) fro

Photo by George Steinmetz @geosteinmetz | Chinstrap penguins leave a pink trail of poo as they return to their nests on high ground at Deception Island, Antarctica. Males and females take turns incubating their chicks and make a daily commute down to



Photo by Steve Winter @stevewinterphoto | Check out the September issue of @natgeo magazine for the story behind this image. She seems to be asking, what are you doing to my home? A wise man once said, “Where there is life there is hope, but the tim

Photo by Renan Ozturk @renan_ozturk | Stumbling down from the summit of Everest with Prakash Kemchay—the final humans on the mountain. Although Prakash works as a climbing sherpa, ethnically he is a Gurung, a culture equally as resilient and storied

Photo by Adam Dean @adamjdean | A villager harvests rice in Kwun Chan Kone village, Irrawaddy region, Myanmar, November 2015.

Photo by Brian Skerry @brianskerry | A sperm whale calf swims below her mom in the waters of the eastern Caribbean Sea. With the largest brain of all animals on Earth, they are also our planet’s largest predator. They were portrayed as monsters for c