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I have always been fascinated by human psychology. We seem to rise up and lend our emotion and energy during tragic events and then just as quickly go back to business as usual as if nothing happened. We donate, reach out on social media, tell frien

What emotions are you feeling over the fires in the Amazon? Do you ever feel depressed about the state of our planet? Do you ever feel overwhelmed about climate change and the lack response to the biggest crisis to ever face humanity? Do you ever fe

Photo by Charlie Hamilton James @chamiltonjames | Fires raged in the Brazilian Amazon during 2017 in Araribóia, indigenous territory in the state of Maranhão. Some were started by farmers trying to clear land for crops or cattle, others started to co

  • What a shot. But it hurts so much to look at it



I have spent much of my life surrounded by the raw beauty of the Canadian Arctic - both living and working, as I grew from a boy peering over the edge of a seal hole in the ice into the photographer I am today. My favorite place is Lancaster sound, a

Do you have a preference when it comes to sense of place images (small animals in a large landscape) like the second image or do you prefer portraits of animals? Here are two vastly different images of Arctic foxes. They serve different purposes but



Continuing on with my series of sleeping animals. As a photographer, being a fly on the wall is the ultimate goal. The more relaxed a wild animal is, the more natural it will behave and the better the photographs will be. Then, of course there was

Our puppies are sleeping practically non-stop after their 2 day sojourn through the wilds of BC. It makes me think about other species who are experts at resting, sleeping and conserving energy. The only goal for baby harp seals is to drink as much

Scroll through pics. Would you take the time to pluck parasites off a large sunfish if it asked you to? I am not bothered by much in nature but have to admit that the parasites are quite gross to touch. On the other hand, how can you say no to a fi

Have you ever seen an ocean sunfish (Mola mola)? They have to be one of the coolest fish in the sea and they are everywhere here in Monterey Bay, California. They weigh up to 2200 pounds and get to 8 feet in diameter and they are an absolute riot to

We are back in Monterey to finish strong with the humpback whales and their feeding frenzy on anchovies. What should we shoot next? Are you more excited by pictures of breaching whales or lunge feeding? Please scroll through these pics and let me k

Back to the humpback whales of Monterey Bay. When I see fog that is thicker than pea soup, I get excited. At some point that fog will burn off and as it does, you get fogbows, dramatic light, mood, patterns and in this case a humpback whale diving



It is hard enough being a mom. Imagine being a mom in a place where there is no place to hide or no reprieve from constant threats. There are poachers, male lions, hyenas and other threats and challenges. It was truly a privilege to have her allow

Announcement below! I grew up in the Canadian Arctic, and have carried it with me everywhere I go since my childhood. Every time I go back it's like going home. Visiting Antarctica is somehow both different and the same; to be there is to feel like I

Monday morning. This is how I feel after a red-eye flight from Monterey, California to New York for @sealegacy meetings. After 6 nights of fours of sleep, I am feeling a little exhausted, a little playful and ready for the next adventure. Learning

I always love to hear your opinion. Humpback whales lunge skyward while feeding on anchovies in Monterey Bay, California. These two images were taken in the same place on the same day but a few hours apart. Do you prefer the sunset light or the nor

On a rare occasion, if you sit quietly for long enough, you will be rewarded with acceptance by a wild animal. It all comes down to patience, gentle movements and body posture. Coastal sea wolves, like this one I filmed on a remote island off the coa

Turn up your volume. Some people call me an activist, but to be honest, when you look into the eyes of a wolf from 20 feet away and listen to their haunting and mournful howls, how can you not vow to protect all that they are and all that they repres

  • @paulnicklen big fan of your work - I saw your pics from there- I was so happy to see you went :)

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