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Every Sunday the villages of Maramures region in Romania transform, as people put on their best clothes, both young and old, and spill out to the streets for church service. On assignment for @natgeo I photographed the small rural communities of Roma

I came to Maramures, Transylvania to document the culture of hay-making for my first @natgeo assignment, but I wanted to observe all aspects of life, special events, cultural traditions and rituals. I wanted to photograph an Orthodox funeral and my t

Roma family on their horse-cart I met them in Maramures, Transylvania, they were exchanging walnuts they had collected around the area for traditional enamel pots, which they then sold for profit. On assignment for @natgeo I have visited Maramures in

This is the last photograph Iraqi-Kurdish photojournalist, Kamaran Najm, took before he was wounded and kidnapped by ISIS in 2014. His best friend, @sebmeyerphoto is publishing a book chronicling his search for Kamaran and ten years documenting this

  • I wish him all the fortune and luck a brave person need to come back and to endure all he has endured



Happy to see my work from Transylvania: Built on Grass originally shot for @natgeo selected for this year’s @prix_pictet shortlist of 12 photographers portraying the theme of Hope. The Prix Pictet is a global award in photography and sustainability.

"To be born a boy is a blessing in this country, it's considered holly, so changing one's sex from a man to a woman is considered a terrible sin. Boys here are raised with the idea that they can do anything!" - Sevval Killic, transgender activist in

In today's Wall Street Journal, please read the story I photographed written by @isabel.coles - a very positive update on grandfather Patricio Galvez whose tenacity and strong will brought an end to the suffering of his seven orphaned grandchildren,

Last month on assignment for The Wall Street Journal I followed Patricio Galvez, a Swedish-Chilean musician to Syria on his quest to bring back his seven orphaned grandchildren from Al-Hawl camp where they are currently stuck in a limbo along with ma



Last month I followed Patricio Galvez, a Swedish-Chillean poet and musician, on his journey to Northern Syria to bring back his seven orphaned grandchildren from the Al-Hawl camp where they currently are. Patricio's daughter and the mother of the sev

  • This was the saddest story I have read in a long time. Heart wrenching images Rena

I met buffalo herders Vasile and his wife Viorica in Ocna Sugatag, Maramures, Romania. They told me that they kept sheep, cows and buffalos, but rarely slaughtered them for meat. They raised the animals to make dairy products and wool, which they sol

What you can sometimes see if you peer through a crack in the wall... A child plays ball in the rundown quarters of her home in Balakhani village of Baku, known for its sprawling oil fields and pollution. This photograph is part of my book Liquid Lan