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Brisbane, Aus Freelance guitarist Session musician Producer Private guitar teacher Associate lecturer at University of Canberra (Southbank campus)

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So this happened recently, I’ve officially become a dual citizen... there goes my political aspirations! Big thanks to mumsie for helping me out with a ton of original documents required by the Italian consulate Mama mia, scuzzi!? #dualcitizenship #





You’ve been rad Munich! But now it’s time to hit the hostel life in ‘Big Bad Berlin’! Massive hugs to the @luisegrossmann & @felixwunner for the hospitality and family treatment, and cheers to Quirin Schreiber for lending me a travel guitar 🤘 #travel

Dialing in tones for recording through the mission gemini frfr speaker. This is the Helix Friedman BE100 amp model, paired with 4x12 Cali V30 cab and ribbon mic. Enjoying the dynamics and grunt of this amp, nice and bright on the strat too! #line6hel

I should stop watching Pete Thorn product demonstrations, and therefore cease buying shit With that said, I quite like the midrange of the suhr greenback ir pack as heard here. I went all out for this vid and even applied a filter! Lookout cool kids

Another live recording from Neon Studios. This time it’s Guthrie Govan’s tune “Fives”. I love complex and odd time signatures that still manage to incorporate catchy and memorable melodies/motifs. Don’t get that too often in my opinion. Guthrie’s the



Rule #1 to all guitar students: perfect the power stance! At times this may be challenging, testing both your physical and mental fortitude... however, you need to remind yourself that this golden rule is often the deciding factor on whether you get

Here’s a homage to Pantera and my influence as a guitarist “Dimebag”! I wrote this to be used as a short A/B excerpt for my thesis research last year. The study involved aesthetic comparisons between traditional “analogue” tube amps, versus modern “d

Restrung this beautiful 7 string beast today, looking forward to reacquainting myself with her in preparation for the upcoming Big Sky show! The standard 7 string gauges don’t do it for me, so I use my “usual” set of d’addario 10-46 strings and bough

I gave this tune to Veronica in our guitar lesson last Monday, and set her the task of being able to play and sing the piece together by next week. The sentiment was: that playing and singing would demonstrate to me that she’s thoroughly learned the

This noodled riffage was inspired by my morning ritual: listening to Jude Gold’s “no guitar is safe” podcast! Today I listened to Emil Werstler’s interview (a metal and gypsy jazz guy) who’s also an instrumental guitarist, and has played in bands suc

Loving this QSC speaker paired with the Line6 Helix. I’ve really only needed to set up 3 basic presets: Clean, Overdriven Blues and a Rock tone (it’s been a while since I’ve needed anything heavier than rock tones). The quick video/phone audio doesn’

Here’s a snippet of what we got up to in yesterday’s Sound Design & Production class. Had the uni students recording ‘foley’ sounds, attempting to synchronise with a video we imported into Logic Pro! Foley is basically the recording and reproduction

Trying out “the Dude” pedal by Rockett! This is their take of the legendary Dumble amp. Here I’m switching between a clean sound on my Blackstar Artist 15 amp, and the dude pedal. It can definitely dial some nice overdriven blues tones! #fender #bla