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Self-Love Sunday. ️ Some ways to show yourself some extra kindness today ~ you deserve some TLC. ️

One day at a time. I’m existing in a little bubble of milky feeds and nappy changes and sleepy cuddles at the moment. Going to the hospital for Maisie’s newborn check up has exhausted me today so I’m trying to do as little as possible this afternoo

Maisie January Jaine 6lb 14oz 〰️ Our little peach finally arrived in the world yesterday morning! 〰️ We are all totally besotted with her - she was definitely worth every second of the wait! 〰️ (More baby spam to come soon but for now we are going t



You are YOU and that’s enough. My first baby is off to school this morning, all grown up. I’m excited for all the fun and adventures ahead for her. More importantly though, I want her to remember whatever happens, whatever tests and grades and chal

Celebrate the small steps, every little change and tiny transformation. 〰️ You might not be where you want to be yet. Your goal might still be a way off. Your journey may actually have only just started. 〰️ But look at the progress you’re making! One

Sharing some positive thoughts on a rainy Wednesday. Trying to keep upbeat here after my due date came and went yesterday; after two previous early babies this is uncharted territory! Every day definitely is a brand new start though...and one day c

Have courage. Bravery doesn’t have to be big or bold. Sometimes it’s the littlest things. The tiny acts you manage even when you wobble a bit and your insides are full of butterflies. Sending an extra dose of brave to anyone else facing the start o

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An end of the week reminder to keep being your wonderful, twinkly, sparkly self. Don’t let anyone dull your light or make you question your ability to glow. You are deserving and wonderful and altogether pretty magical, starshine.

‍️Still pregnant! 〰️ Less than a week until my due date and I’m so ready for baby to be born now ...but really trying not to let myself get too impatient. 〰️ I love to have a plan and be in control of things so this final stage and all the unknowns a

‘The sun can only shine so bright because she turns away to rest each night.’ 〰️ A little ode to taking some time out to rest and recuperate. 〰️ I’ve taken a step back from social media, been a super-slow replier to WhatsApps, turned a blind eye to m